Gadget – Smokeless Cooking

Choices of Recipe for Experience Sessions

Charges and Terms


    • RM 200 / pax for 1 pax session (1 to 1 session)
    • RM 180 / pax for 2 pax session (1 to 2 session)
    • RM 150 / pax for 3 pax and above session (1 to 3 and above session)


Additional charges

    • Group recipe : as per stated in the recipe page
    • RM 20 for additional of each recipe, upon each booking session


Terms and Conditions

  • Participants are able to choose 4 recipe (1 from each category) for each booking session.
  • Recipe packages are limited to each booking session; number of pax attending will not affect the number of recipe for each booking session.
  • Booking sessions are secured and confirmed upon payment.
  • Cancellation of session:
    • No refund.
    • Replacement are allowed,


Rescheduled a session within two weeks, upon session date booked and subject to availability  

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